Tuesday, 1 January 2008

It's 2008!

Kat luwa, mendung jek. X mcm semalam, cerah. Nway, Happy New Year 2008 everyone! 1st of January 2008. Every time it's come to new year, people keep asking others about determination. Common question in the air, "Apa azam tahun baru?" There was someone asking me the same question. I answered "xde". :P He might get shocked. (I think) lalala~ For me, it's not a necessary thing to set your determination every new year celebration. You might need one, or you might not. Certain people, tiap kali new year, buat list bagai utk azam tahun baru dia. In the same time, azam tahun lepas pon blom terlaksana. Nevertheless, I agreed to say that some people accomplished their 'azam' successfully throughout the year. Determination is an aim. You can aim for something you want the most (or not) every month, every week or even everyday! Deep inside of me, I want to be better for tomorrow.
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