Thursday, 3 January 2008

Not Much Left!!

Salam to all.. 1 week ++, and I'll start the 4th semester for my degree. Who knew, time was traveling so fast, huh? Talking of new semester, then it will come to a very familiar fabulous fear factor; exam results! Phew Phew.. Nothing much to comment on this one. Just wait, and wait. :P Better talk about new stuff, aiye? I've signed up for a new monthly phone contract. Let's call it a sudden action. I was thinking not to sign up for any pay monthly contract after the previous one end this coming april --> phone contract drive you crazy. But after browsing a website, I've changed my mind. Oh, come on.. it was a very great offer with a not-bad phone. Unluckily, I didn't able to subscribe for it. Just assume that there was a minor problem occurred. After all, I got a similar offer. Alhamdulillahthank you. It helped me much on my savings. Click! ;)
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