Thursday, 10 January 2008

[Girls Outing]

Thanks to nik (the nineth girl) for the first photo

Monday, 7th January 2008 was a cold and windy day in Brighton. However, it wasn't an obstacle for 9 of these girls to have some fun, away from Guildford. Once we've been in Brighton, the first place we went was the Royal Pavilion Brighton, a former royal residence in Brighton. Unfortunately, we haven't had any chance to snap any photo inside the palace (or formally, photography is not allowed :D). The art of the drawings on the wall, amazed me so much, and so the architecture of the building. Most of the decorations in the palace were influenced by the ancient Chinese. After that, we moved to the beach. Huullaa~ So cold. I could say that it was the first time, myself standing very near to the beach in UK. Really! ( I've been in Portsmouth a few times before, but the place is more less to a port, not beach). Near to the beach, there is Brighton Pier, the biggest funfair on the south cost. Not too many people during our visit there. After spending about half an hour, walking around the funfair, here my stomach played it's role. Lapar la tuu.. What else could I do, other than find a halal restaurant in our way back to the train station. 6.19 pm.. good bye Brighton.

Brighton Pier, photo from google search
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