Friday, 28 December 2007

Boxing Day again!!

26 December, every year, is well-known as the famous Boxing Day. Last year, we went to London for the 'boxing' stuff. :P This year, kami p Kent. Shopping sakan kat Bluewater Shopping Centre. Aiseyh,, byk lagi duit abes kali ni.. huhu. Ade org tu, kate nk p window shopping jek,, tp bukan main sakan lagi dia shopping. Dun blame me, huh! I told you.. try to put on the clothes jek,, x suro pon beli. You sendiri yg willing nak beli.. hehe. Ye lah kan, mase syok nk biar I shopping sorg2. Kah3. Sempat gak ambek 2-3 keping gmbr. :))

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