Wednesday, 14 November 2007

A strong coffee story

Haha,, it was espresso actually. I was at 2.00 pm (Tuesday), my fluid mechanics class. Almost every time of this period, I'll feel very very sleepy. --> the lecture quite boring and it takes tooo long to finish. Unlikely today, I wasn't sleepy at all! Thanks to espresso. :D

I'd like to quote something from the fluid mechanics lecture;
"We (mathematicians) produce the problems and the engineers will solve the problems. And off course, we have to know the solutions earlier than them." --> if you guys confuse, please dun ask me. But if you know the meaning very well, please tell me :P

But I like this one;
"We (mathematicians) create the formulae and equations from researches and experimenting problems and the engineers, use them to produce something else" --> True!

I'm not sure myself, how much of the contents being absorbed into my head. But, it was pretty fun finding myself not feeling sleepy in the fluid mechanics class!! Hoorey~~ (^_^)

p/s: I think, my head has been pusing2 because of the coffee *sigh*

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