Saturday, 3 November 2007

.: Itu dia :.

It was at school, at the beginning of the new year. There are lots of new faces. I was sitting on a bench waiting for my crony. "She's late. What on earth take her so long to reach me." I was so bored, waiting for 10 minutes with my stomach started to grumbling. "Hey, sorry. Cikgu gave us some extra exercises." Whatever... huh! "Lunch time!" Haini sort of screaming with her sengih. After taking the meals, we're looking for the port to lunch. Less than 5 minutes, someone called Haini. "Oh, he spoiled my lunch time." She washed her hand with masam-mencuka face. "Lucky me.." I smiled to myself. Well, i thought it was not that bad enjoying my meal alone. I saw Haini talking to someone outside the dining hall. A boy. I never saw his face before. A fresher, maybe. I didn't know what they're talking about, but kinda weird seeing Haini kept pointing her fingers to me. Well, maybe to me. Or, maybe to her meal? Haha! :P


"So, you're Wan." I nodded. Silent. "You're a new student here, don't u?" A form 4 student, actually. “Yes, I bet you knew it earlier. I saw you at the dining hall.” He smiled. “Yeah..”

That was the start. He was a nice boy. We became good companies. I just didn’t really get it why am I becoming too close to him. I mean, he was one year younger than me. Something that never happened in my life before. One evening, there was a band training. (He actually was a school band member). At the break time, he met me, and gave me some chocolates. “How sweet of you..” I just smiled. “Opps!” Someone accidentally, spilled her drink on my hand. “Sorry” She was apologizing with her guilty face and stepped into the asrama. “Wait up. I wanna wash my hands”. I walked along the asrama corridor, while my eyes looking for a pipe. “Wan!” He called me. I turned to him. Oh, gosh! He was walking towards me (into the gurl asrama) with paip getah in his hand. “Wash your hands.” I just menurut. Shocked! He sort of tolong basuh my hands. He hold my hands, and gently washed it! Dap! My heart was like jumping.


“It won’t take long. I’ll be back.” He tried to calm me down, in the same time, busy checking his stuffs. Haini was sitting beside me. Her silence told me that she agreed with him. I looked at Haini, “Kenapa pergi tak ajak aku?” Still not satisfied. “It’s not my plan anyway. It’s band plan. I can’t take you with us as you’re not a band member.” She left me and started to set her bicycle up. Everything need to be in good condition. “Last check up.” A sign, telling me that he was ready to start the expedition. I stepped away from the group of people. I was like wanna cry. Sad. Without any last words form him, he left me, joining the expedition group. I stood on a small flyover turn my back to the group. “Don’t wanna look at them..”

“Hey, don’t cry.” It was his voice. I turned to facing him. “I’ll come back safely, and meet you again. Take a good care of yourself.” Huu, cair beb! :O I smiled at him. He held on my hand again. I just let him to. He left me with the greatest smile of him.


Wooo jam dah pkol 9 lebih! Ape laa,, tdo smpi mase2 gini baru nak bangun. Aku senyum sorg2. Get confused myself. Cane boleh mimpi gitu? You guys, maybe dun know it was a dream unless you're my schoolmates. :P Here are the keys; I was not mentioning the boy’s name as I dun know what it was, and “Something that never happened in my life before.” v(~_-)

p/s: *** means I cut some parts of it bcoz it was so meleret and not the important ideas of the dream :D

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  • ~mY StaR~ says:

    hehehe..bestnyee mimpi die..

  • patut la aku rasa pelik, seingat aku tak pernah pulak aku nampak mek sorang ni rapat camtu ngan mana mana budak junior..rupe rupenye mimpi daa...
    ces u got me there! =P

  • mat do tertipu,, best2~

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