Thursday, 15 November 2007


Week 11(now), Week 12, week 13, week 14 (exam).. Less than 3 weeks? Uik? Kejap jek masa berlalu.. Rs mcm jek baru smpi uk lepas summer break. Rupa2nye dah nk exam 3rd sem. Abes 3rd sem,, then, half way to go to complete my degree here. Time, moving slowly, but very fast! It actually move from a second to another second, then after a while.. I look at the timer.. It's already an hour! How unfair! Within the hour, I've done nothing much! See! Pergerakan masa yg perlahan, sgt perlahan, penuh disiplin, rapi, tertib, tiba2 jadi sejam! So, what am I doing rite now? Still updating my blog? Baik pi study daa,, siapkn assigment ke.. Esok lg 1 assigment due. Dan mlm esok,, liverpool.. here I come!

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