Wednesday, 10 October 2007

'bad side of mine'

Obvious thing about me. X reti nk jaga hati org. Well, i do agree with it. Most of the time, I didn't mean to say those words that makes things happen. It just happen. Then, people around me, started to kecik hati with me because of it. It's not that I'm not trying to change this 'bad side of mine'. I've tried. Maybe, the way I control it, make it more obvious. Even dgn niat nk joke pon, still akan ade gak pihak yg kecik hati. Dun even mention others laa (esp org yg baru nk knal aku), my mum pon, told me that I x reti nak jaga hati org. But everytime I did, I apologize (sbb aku tau, aku dah salah ckp). Just, sometimes rase mcm penat nk mintak maaf, or malu nk mintak maaf, because it keeps happen and happen. People who know me for years, biasanya faham what am I trying to say. My mum dun know me well? No comment. Maybe she does, or maybe she don't. Or, she might be want to advice me on my words. People.. again.. I'm sorry.
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