Sunday, 14 October 2007

malays traditional costume

It's 2nd raya. But I'm not (yet) here to tell those stories about the great + fun celebration. Too tired laa. 1 thing that makes me so eager to update my blog... baju kurung/kebaya and baju melayu. Well, it's kinda obvious, when it comes to raya, those pakaian akan digayakn dgn meluasnya. Even we're in UK, still kebaya-kurung baju melayu yg jd pilihan. Quite funny looking at those mat saleh faces bila dorg notice about our dressing. Mase pi beraya td, they all tgk kitaorg semacam jek. Bkn sbb the ladies wearing tudung n guys wearing ketayap/songkok. Tp, sbb baju! We've heard some of their conversations. "Look at them. Are they dancers?" Haha. Funny. Dorg mungkin terfikir "Mane mereka dpt kain mcm tu? Baju ape tu? Fabric ape tu? Pesal aku xde baju tu?" Hahaha.. Sara and me sempat p town td, to buy some stuff (urgent!). While waiting the bus, we're sort of having borak kosong. Suddenly, sorg mak cik (or nenek) approached us. "Lovely, very lovely. Pretty, very pretty" sambil mata dia duk tgk pakaian kami. Shy~ hihi. What else nk ckp. Thanks~~! See.. pd mata dorg, our kurung/kebaya/baju melayu, so unique!

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