Friday, 16 September 2011

The longest year


I remember when i was so eager to finish my pgce course - not because of my enthusiasm, but it due to my desire to return home badly. I felt like time was freezing or at least, it was moving too slow. Every day seemed to be so impossible. I couldn't descriptively tell how I was so devoted in counting months and days. The autumn was too long before winter fall. As the winter passed, and i was successfully done with my first placement, the time movement looked normal again, well, at least to me. And, I was told to be patient, not to think over it too much and enjoy my final year in UK. That was what I did. I felt live again. 

It's all happen about 9 months back. And now, i'm here. Waiting. 

FJ : Thanks. Those words were really helpful back then. :) I wish all the greatest happiness in the world for you.. 
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