Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Introducing : CEKPUTEH

salam to all.. so.. this is the very first post from my brand new CEKPUTEH.. :P I've purchased a new lappy about less than 3 weeks ago.. it's a 15.5" E-series matte white vaio.. seperti yg diidam-idamkan.. cost me about £600.. akhirnye, beli gk lappy baru.. gmbr? later la ek.. hehe.. the old one, mane? ade je.. still syg.. sbb dah terlalu lame bersama.. ececehh..

alhamdulillah.. 2 papers dah selamat abes.. 1 tu x bape ok, lg 1 (paper td), alhamdulillah.. confident lg la dr first paper.. the next and the last one.. on the 9th.. lg seminggu.. kne pulun abes2-an.. final sem kot~~~ *erghh.. masih x biasa ngan keyboard uk* byk hal nk settle pas exam.. shipping barang.. cr storage.. cr rumah kt twickenham.. prepare documents utk apply visa.. naseb bek dah beli tiket flight.. oke la.. cume.. haha.. balik lewat sehari.. xpelah.. janji jimat duit..

rindu nk balik sgt.. tp balik nnti, ms sgt limited.. dem~
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