Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Tag by Che Yah :)

27th April 2009. Yes, blame the template again.. and blame me for not correcting it. So, here the things I need to do;
  1. Printscreen my current desktop.
  2. Tell peeps why I like it.
  3. Tag 10 bloggers.
And, this is pretty much, how my current desktop look like.

I dun know if I like the wallpaper. It's just a current pic of mine. That's it. :D I'd like to tag Sara, Kak My, Ila, Ina, Cik Dila (birm), ba'ang.. and other 4 volunteers (to make it 10) ;P

Off to assignment & revisionssssssss
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2 Responses so far

  • Raf says:

    bila exam kak?

    Nice walls, I mean, nice walls :P

  • Exam start next week, 8th.. until 13th.. :D

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