Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Looking for today sunset

If you're given a chance (just one) to get back in time, which part of your life would you want to change? I watched 17 again today. Compared to other movies, I frankly think it wasn't more special than others. Just average. But still, I bet the audiences could learn something from it; you dun wait for the chance (to go back in time) to come so you change things (or correct things), but start with the hard work from now, so you can have the better future. Alright, back to the question. I wished to go back to my high school time. I haven't wish to change anything. It's just that I love being in high school. Maybe, there are lotta people out there wish to change their past for a better now or future. As for me, I am so gratefull with the things I have right now, the people around me, and the life I have up until now. Even there were lots of bitter memories, still the happy ones bring much more reasons for me to fight. The sadness, the bitterness, the happiness, the cheerfulness all together bring the varieties meaning in my life, just like the blend of colours on the canvas to create a beautiful painting. 
I was looking for a very nice sunset through my window today, but it wasn't there. So here, a snap through my window from the other day.. ( I dun really remember the exact date).
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