Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Dah 2 ari, asek hujan jek~ Aisey,, bile nye nk menikmati spring yg cantek? This week gonna be the last week before Easter break. Feeling excited waiting for the holiday? Ooo..yeah! As expected, the excited-ness akn dimusnahkn oleh coursework yg dah mule bersusun. Actually, 4 coursework in 4 weeks, won't be very hard. Plus, xde class kan. But, but.. pre-married course, assignment for annual dinner, trip to Belgium-Holland.. those things will make it hard. Lotta things to do in not-so-many time. Conclusion; back to time managements. Kalo dah kate cuti, taw2 jek laa,, tdo lambat, bgn pon lmbt. In 2 days time, ade 1 lg test.. Numerical and Computational Method. Gurrr,, perut dah bunyik guys. Till then, later~~
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