Sunday, 9 March 2008


List out the top 5 presents you wish for;
- doa from my mom
- the 'present'
- md-6 speaker
- HP iPAQ 210
- flight ticket to Malaysia

List out the reasons for the choices;
- mak doa tiap hari,, taw2, tp rase mcm nak mak doa lg
- u dun hv any idea how much the 'present' cooling me
- although i already hv the md-4, i still want the md-6.. after all, the md-6 is the one all i really want (not enough budget,, sbb tu beli md-4)
- ari tu, tgh duk survey some stufx, tibe2 rase cam nk ade mende ni.. :P
- rase cam nk balik la plak

The person who tagged you is : Aishah Roslan

5 impressions of him/her ;
- cool
- helping
- serious in times
- muke tampal dari mak dia --> u gotta agree this buddy!
- olwez made me jeles with her jalan2 things.. *haisss*

Most memorable thing he/she has done for you:
- Erm,, wut should I say esoh? I really couldn't recall one.

Most loved invention (doesn't need to be technologically advanced):
- same goes to esoh,, it's always internet

What do you despise the most :
- gedix-ing thingy

6 people you wanna tags:
- lobos
- sara
- kak my
- raf
- ba'ang
- laina
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