Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Hoo la~ (+_+)

Erm, anything happen today? Owh, yes.. I've missed to notice that actually I was about to sit for a short test for Fluid Mechanics today. So, without any proper preparation, I was bantai all the 3 questions given. But still, thanks Allah I still got some marks. (Haha!) Knowing that the short test won't be count into the whole module, I felt sooo relief lah.
Allowance~! This thing makes my head berdenyut. I have no ideas what's going to be with the new system, used by KPM regarding the allowance payment. Nak mati pk..
£450 per month just for the accommodation. Sick! Besides, bursary (£750 per semester tuuu) gonna be reduced to smaller amounts or reduced to none?! Huuu,, mau demam pk. Harapan nk pi jalan2 byk tmpt terbang mcm 1 paket tepung jatuh ke lantai, tercucuk paku, pecah, then tepungnya terbang kne tiup angin..

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  • star says:

    perghhhh..bunyi nye sngt trok..xnk laa travel tu jd mcm tepung yg diterbang kn angin..waaaaa siot nye ***

  • lobos says:

    come on wan.. bersyukur dgn ape yg ade.. kewl ok.. :)

  • ~mY StaR~ says:

    agree wif lobos...bersyukur dgn ape yg ade...

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