Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How to make the simplest ever table tags?

I were given sort of last minute task, which actually belong to someone else. Well, you know how hard some people would try to let themself out from task. Please, do not be one.

We're going to have this dinner event for breaking fast at work. For some reasons, table tags are needed. I am sooo not an expert in making table tags. These are the least thing I could do.

Step 1: Draw some kind of table in Word with the tags on it.

Step 2: Cut them into small pieces.

Step 3: (top left) Fold the small piece into 2.

Step 4: (top right) Then, fold again into 2, so it makes the small piece of paper into 4 sections, according to the drawn table - refer down left.

Step 5: (down right) Glue one of the sections and stick the glued one to the other end of paper.

There you go, you simplest ever table tags are ready to go.

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