Wednesday, 14 July 2010

to the better or to the worse?

Life is full of question marks. It is too big to be 'is', I think. Should have use 'are' for life. Hurmm.. It's about making decision, not making the right decision. There are always options, and you always have to choose. You may do wrong in half of it, but may the other half full of righteous. I feel kind of sentimental and damn rational right now. Sorry if this is sorta touchy. Damn it is. Things that happen today, yesterday, the day before, weeks before, months before, even years before brought me to this point; I've gone through too much in my short life - not saying that I've suffered cancer, or my home town has been bombed or so, but tough enough for someone like me. And I pray to You, Allah, may the path I've chosen leads me to the better, not to the worse, and may You always guides me and brings me up whenever I'm falling down. 
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