Saturday, 10 July 2010


Have you watched? I did.. at the premier, the first premier slot. It was about Bella (again) and her love stories. Ade org ckp, the movie wasn't so great. No idea about it, as I tot it was just nice. Mungkin org yg ckp mcm tu, compare movie version ngan published version. Hey guys, there's always contras in both version, lah! Cume, again, in eclipse, just like in new moon, Bella was trapped in love triangle. X taw la terperangkap ke, dia yg perangkap diri sendiri. The question arises here is, possible ke ek, 1 org bleh syg 2 org yg lain dlm ms yg same? In eclipse case, Bella loves Edward, and in the same time, she loves Jacob too. Edward knew and understood the situation and he could bear it with the thought of, 'she loves me more..'. Erkkhh.. possible ke? Part tu, sungguh x phm.. X phm gk ape yg aku x phm.. part yg bella syg 2-2.. @ part edward yg bleh hadapi situasi tu, @ part jacob yg x reti2 bella tu dah ade edward, tp still nk try2 bella gak.. i leave it to u guys.. to those who haven't watch the movie yet, happy watching~~!

p/s: ouh ye, rating from me? 3 3/4 stars bleh?
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