Monday, 15 March 2010

Living my life

The previous entry was on the 20th february, and today is the 15th march. Nearly a month I spared this blog without update. Anyway, doesn't matter isn't it? No one would ever read it. So, I've been thinking of making this blog private. Nothing interesting happen lately, just classes, school, tests, society events, etc.. and feeling hurt. I always wonder why I am the way I am. Can't I be more not too myself? 

Got few months to go before graduation.. Was hoping to further my educational course in Malaysia, but I wasn't the one who make the decision. Knowing that I have another year to spend here somehow makes me sick and tired. I miss being in Malaysia so much. Yet, I can't refuse to admit, the fact I'm going to miss UK very much once settle down in Malaysia. Sometimes, I'd rather be here, so I can hide from everything there, so I could bear the burden alone, so they won't know the face I'm drawing. 

Sorry, I'm too into my feelings now. Got go to. Regards. 
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  • hey syg. dun say like dat k? aku hamper everiday check out ur blog ade update ke tak. so jgn sedeh2, keep ur head up n keep blogging oke? :)

  • lobos says:

    malaysia best. u noe why rite :P

  • 2farah.. hey~ there are times people feeling down and sad, right? but i'm fine now~ :)

    2lobos.. i know.. hope to be there soon :)

  • tu ar br tau psl blog ni... huhuhu

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