Friday, 5 February 2010

Fragrance tips by BodyShop

Hye everyone! I have something to share with you guys; happen to read this while browsing over BodyShop perfume range. (I'm a BodyShop lover v(",) )

Perfume smells different on different people. So when you find one you really like you must sample it on your skin. Try up to 3 fragrances at one time - no more or you will stop smelling. Apply fragrance to the pulse points. Do not rub the wrist together as this crushes the smell. Then, wait a few moment for the fragrance to to develop and mix with your unique skin chemistry. Fragrance is complex and will develop a few hours, if you can it is best to wait to discover how the fragrance changes over time. If you love fragrance straight away, it is probably just right. 

So, I guess most of us doing mistake by rubbing our wrist together while applying the perfume, right? May this help. 

sources : BodyShop
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