Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I just want things to be right

5th January 2010

Hello everyone! Happy New Year 2010! This is my first entry for this year. I hope everybody is doing well.

I watched FRIENDS all over again. I think this is the sixth time I'm repeating the sitcom. I know, I've gone mad. Heee.. I kinda have the similar madness with monica (I realized it after I watch the sitcom for the 3rd time). Anyway, she's this kinda very very organize and obsess woman. But, I'm not totally crazy like her. To have some ideas about what I'm talking about, kindly watch this video.

  • I like to do my bed so it looks well.
  • It took me longer in kitchen with the cooking as I prefer to wash all the materials properly before I cook them.
  • I'll fold my clothes again if I'm not satisfied when someone else did it for me. It not look really nice to others, but it just feels good with the satisfaction.
  • I'll wipe the toilet seat before I sit on it. (well, it gross to sit on something u don't know either it's clean or not!)
There are many others that I can't name it here (dun wanna work too long for this post).

Am I crazy? Haha.. I think I'm a dork.:P
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  • izzah-nik says:

    uihh nsb bek alip xmcm wan... hahaa.. klu x sesak jiwa den.. haha

  • same here. haha. sumtimes we just feel good doing the things our own way. :P

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