Wednesday, 25 November 2009

She came!

24th November 2009

I think, I've never been excited to post something on my blog, at least not in this recent few months. But, for this entry, I was like "I want my lappy now~!! I wanna update my blog!" Ngeee~~ So, what's up? Ye la kan, nk story bagai, musti ade cer best. Taylor Swift concert~!!!! Mane x best. It was a quite long journey, really. But I don't care. If I have to change the train for few times, I'm still going. :P Btw, the concert took place at Wembley Arena, London.

The concert started with the opening show from Justin Bieber. Honestly, I don't even know who he is. Budak lagi pon. Lagu2 boleh tahan.. Tp, mcm tu la.. suara budak kan. Patut Justin perform dr 7.30 smpi 8.30. Tp, sbb kaki dia tibe2 injured, dia wat show smpi pkol 8 je. In the meantime tggu crew2 setting stuffs for Taylor, audience wat gile. Haha. Mcm2 hal. Buat 'ombak jahat' la.. hentak kaki kt lantai la.. sorak2 la.. Ye la, isi mase lapang.

At 8.30 pm, Taylor started her show with 'you belong with me'. Perrgghhh.. Crowd jerit x hengat. Beranak anak telinga kot. Ak pon join skali aa. Excited gile nmpk dia tgh2 stage. Heee.. Dkt akhir2 lagu tu, Taylor wat masuk guitar dia.. Ak paling suke guitar tu,, comey.. siap ade gliters2 bagai.. Lepas tu, x igt dh dia perform lagu ape.. The one after that, my fav too; 'teardrops on my guitar'. Siap wat ala2 musical sket. Ade ballet dancers jd prop..

Lepas tu, Taylor nyanyi ape ntah.. ak x igt dh susunan dia,, antara yg ak igt; 'our song' , 'fearless' ngan 'tim mcgraw'. Yg len, x igt sbb x hapal sgt lagu2 tu. Ms Taylor g tukar baju, cam ade video sket la.. konon2 psl lelaki2 yg ade dlm lagu2 dia. Hahaha,, lawak gak video tu. Then, all of sudden Taylor appeared in the middle of the crowd~!! Lagi bising arena. Yg ak x tahan tu, crowd dekat2 ngan Taylor, siap bleh salam2 peluk2 dia lagi. Mak aii.. jeles ak. Lepas layan sat fans, Taylor perform tgh2 crowd. Haaa.. time ni, bleh tgk dia lagi jelas la.. sbb dekat. Tp still, x tercapai tanganku. Ngahaa..

Tgh2 lagu ape ntah, Taylor benti, then jalan tgh2 crowd, get back to stage. Tgh laluan dia, crowd ade lg yg p peluk-salam dia. I noticed this one lady; Taylor hugged her (quite long time), and she was like "OMG! She hugs me! She hugs me!". Dia btaw mcm tu kat bf dia. Then, his bf hugged her and kissed her forehead with a smile, sort of telling, "Yes baby, I know". Oke, ak jeles kt mereka, for 2 reasons. Haha.

Naik stage, Taylor smbg lagu td, then smbg ngan 'white horse' <- my fav too. Dlm byk2 lagu yg Taylor nyanyi, ak tggu 2 lagu ni, tp xde; 'the best day' and 'i'm only me when i'm with you'. Tggu gak lagu duet dia ngan boys like girls, 'two is better than one'. Kot la dia nk nnyanyi ngan kwn2 dia. Haa.. sebut psl kwn2.. ak rs, Taylor ade angkut best friend dia, Abigail skali atas stage.. tp ak x knal ngat minah tu. Rs mcm dia ade, ntah, x sure.

Haaa.. ni part best. Bila Taylor ckp, "Ok guys, I'm taking you back in time.." pastu dia p blakang stage (nk tukar baju lagi la tu).. Ms tu, crowd dh gile dah. Ak pon nek gile skali. It's time for 'love story'!!! Then, kuwa la dancers menari ala2 tarian English lame, ngn dress dorg.. Da siap2 tkr baju, Taylor kuwa.. nyanyi 'love story', siap ngan prop ala2 cam dlm video clip dia, old castle. Hihi, actually ade video utk lagu ni, wani yg tlg record. Sape2 yg ade add ak kt fb, bleh la tgk kt situ, k. Kt akhir lagu tu, kan ade part yg si romeo propose.. haaa.. ms tu Taylor smpt transform tu.. dr pakai red English dress, ke white dress. Cun siot! Hah~ 1 fact pasal Taylor, dia mmg suke pakai dress. Video clips ke, performance ke, concert ke.. mesti ngan dresses.. sweet2 plak tu dress dia.

Then, last lagu dr Taylor, 'should've say no'.. gempak jugak. Overall? 11/10 stars. Haha.. over melampau. Ade sorg bdk ni, asek duk kate, Taylor ni dramatic la.. Mmg ah, kalo x, cane bleh jadi song writer, kan? Most of her songs, dia tulis sendiri kot. X kesa la, pape pon, ak suke dia :P

Then, ak balik ngan muka puas hati. Hihi. Siyes. Utk Taylor Swift, aku turutkan jugak even the day after, I have a coursework due (tp dh 80% siap). Smpi bilik lewat gak la. Concert abes dlm pkol 10.30 pm. Smpi bilik.. ade la.. Hihi.
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