Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Cerita e-book

22 July 2009
Last saturday, I had to accompany my brother, to the 'e-book distribution ceremony' (btol ke? bantai je la) at SK Kampung Baru Kerteh. As my father had classes, my mom was so lazy to go, then, we have to go there by bus. What I had in mind was the yellow school bus. Surprisingly, it wasn't! At first, I was so confuse. Was is a bus? A box? A house? Or, a kindergarten? Hailoh.. those two were so fancyyy.. Please please take a look.
So? What say you? I can't stop laughing. I've snapped so much photos but most of it were so blurry and shaky.(-_-") I was laughing, remember? :P Well, let's not talk about the ceremony. It was just a usual boring ceremony as others. And now, presenting the e-book
The size is a lot more smaller than laptop. Even smaller than netbook. You won't get it in the market, as it was made special for year 5 (2009) students in Terengganu. (Next year, Year 4 and 5). Small, cute, light in weight, and easy to carry..
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