Saturday, 9 May 2009

The story about today and the recent months

9th May 2009

Alhamdulillah. I've managed to finish my 1st paper without any harm. It wasn't too bad, neither too good. Hehe. Meeting the lecturer, days before the exam wasn't a bad idea, huh? Hey, hey! Not telling yah I knew the questions earlier. Just.. pretty thankful. Yeah, that's the word. Another 2 more papers to go.Wish me luck, I need it. Btw, right after the exam, I went to ladies and heard someone crying. Well, it happen almost everytime in exam season, but may not to everyone.

So, here's the story about the 'discovery'. I started to realize something different about my skin less than a month ago. I knew that my skin is pretty sensitive to weather (realize this since I've been experiencing different kind of weathers), but never knew it also sensitive to something else too. I dun know how I ended up having the un-named spots on my skin. After refering to the specialize doctor, she told me that I'm suffering eczema (some kind of dry skin condition, could be itchy at some point). I have no idea how long it would take to get my skin back as before, but one thing for sure, I'll work out for it. So far, I've been using a special shower gel, 2 types of special creams and 1 type of swallowed tablets; Cetirizine Hydrochloride (to relieve the itching problem). Yup, I can't bear the itchy anymore! Sometimes, I can't sleep and most of the time it give a hard time for me to focus in my revision, esp at night. Kinda weird why it became so itchy even the it wasn't critical. And one more thing, I have to change all kind of my washing liquid/powder (laundry washing powder, shower foam, hand washing liquid, etc) to the "sensitive type" or non biological ones. Money, money, money. Uh uh.. Did I say about me buying the prescriptions? (It's something they do in UK) Yes. And there my friends, MONEY again~~

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