Sunday, 25 January 2009

I wonder

Aku ckop minat ngan cerita2 epic, yg berkisar pd warPirate. Bkn la nk kate suke tgk org gaduh2 (gile ke hape), cume somehow I questioned myself, how they have the creativity to plan the strategy for such war. Ok, ok, its just a movie. But then, there are another question marks. How was it in the real old time? They have no such great machines, no high technology rifles to mark the opponents, yet still win the war. LargeGaspThey amazed me in so many ways. One more thing, I really wanna know what it looks like being in the war, esp the war in the raising of Islamic culture era (zaman Rasulullah dan sahabat). Apart from that, I want to know how the arrangement made, what kind of weapon they use, how they win and even how they fall. Bukan nk blajar then ajar org lain mcm mane nk perang pon, Sickcume nk tahu je. Hurrmmm..
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