Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Baby-related : Considering Cloth Diapers

Assalamualaikum and good day mothers!

I've been thinking of using cloth diapers for my baby for some reasons. The first one would definitely be; to reduce the cost of baby diapering. I realise that we (my hubby and I) would have to spend a lot of money on the diapers (disposable diapers to be exact). Then a friend of mine telling me that she has been planning on saving some money to buy cloth diapers for her baby. It hit me right away at the moment that I may need to consider cloth diapering my baby. So I made research on cloth diapering. How to use them. How to clean them. What it made from. How much the cost per diaper. Where to buy. How much of the diaper my baby might use per day. The pros. The cons. EVERYTHING. Out of all thing, the important thing in my mind was; would my husband agree with this plan? It won't work out well if my husband wouldn't agree. Why? Because I won't get any help in maintaining the cloth diaper. Heee..

Fortunately, he agreed! #widesmile. Then, I started buying cloth diapers from friends (second hand but in great condition) and online shops. As for now, I have 9 of them in the baby's drawer. As I go through websites and blogs about cloth diapering, I was stunned by the fact that disposable diapers are easy to produce yet hard to get rid of! I wasn't a GREEN person myself. But learning this made me feel relief as I won't be the one who will contribute more rubbish to this land.

Are you a cloth diapers user? In case you haven't notice, onebabyworld and SentuhanBaby are now having sales on certain items on their racks including cloth diapers and cloth diapers accessories (wet bags, pail liners, laundry bags, inserts)
Sales on cloth diapers by Sentuhan Bayu

Among the sale items at onebabyworld

Sentuhan Bayu Cloth Diaper pack
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