Monday, 15 October 2012

People inspire people

Hello readers.

I miss blogging big time. As I stopped updating things, it’s hard to start all over again. It’s harder to stay on track, I think. Whatever the case, my blog has become a part of me, and I wouldn’t pull myself out of it. I’ve been reading this fantastic book called ‘The Chicken Soup for The Soul: Think Positive’ since I started my career about 3 months back. The idea was, hopefully the book can help me to stay motivated in doing what I have to do – teaching. Well, it did help many times. The book came with 101 incredible and inspirational stories, told or written by people from their real life experiences. 

Everybody has problems. The problems would’ve come in so much difference than others. But these people had set their eyes to look at the problems from different perspectives. Honestly I think, that made them different from me.  They could see the rainbow after the rain. They were handling the problem positively with calm mind.  It’s fascinating, right? How people could inspire another people without having to know each other. Take a look at the book and read one of the stories. You would absolutely fall in love with it. :)

FJ : Happy Monday. Work, and smile gracefully. 
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