Thursday, 3 September 2009

Lagi kisah gigi

3rd September 2009 (1145 GMT +8)

Ku sangkakan appointment gigi ak mmg dah confirm dapat, rupenye habuk pon tarak! Oke, let's recall. In the previous entry about my wisdom teeth (wisdom la sgt), I told you guys about the postponed appointment. Now, it's been postponed, AGAIN! This time, I'm totally blame the konon-serba-tahu guy. He gave me this one date, which was on the 7th of Sept without realising it is actually a Terengganu public holiday. Aha~ So genius, aite? So, to cover up the mistake, he called this morning and re-schedule my appointment. The next date would be 13th Sept. IF THE DENTIST IS THERE, then the operation will be performed. Double genius
I couldn't wait any longer. Well, I've waited long enough lah. Jadi, aku pon membuat panggilan geram ke Hospital Besar Dungun. Xde lah geram kat dorg, geram kat mamat poyo tu etceli. Akak yg jwb call aku tu ckp, name ak mmg dah ade dlm waiting list. Huuu,, bkn xnak tggu kak oi~ Xde mase dah sgt ni.. Lepas bercerita sket punye pnjg same akak tu, dia ckp, she'll try to help. Hufff... Alhamdulillah.. ade harapan.
In the end, gud news for me. Dpt appointment on the 24th ngan pakar lagi. Lantak la ngan sesape pon, janji ade hasil.
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